Online or Traditional Store?

Selecting the right blinds retailer Online and bricks and mortar retailers are available for just about every thing - the problem is which one do you choose.

Are you comfortable not visiting a showroom? Have you seen samples? How quickly do they react to a question. These are just a few of the basic questions that you need to satisfy for yourself before you commit to an online or offline purchase.

We have been in the market of window decoration for many years. Our key directors have all graduated through the ranks - loading, unpacking , assembling to installing window decoration. So we know every aspect of our product inside out.

Regular visits to the manufacturing plants ensure a consistent quality time and time again.

Research and development is constantly carried out to ensure the right window decoration is available.

From the Pioneering side frames that " let the Light in" unlike many of the bulky shutters being produced in china , to the Open Sky control rod that offers an unrestricted view through the shutters. Every detail has been pioneered and developed by ourselves.

Shutters and blinds Specialists

We believe that Everyone has their own strengths - . That's why our team are made up from Interior designers and Shutter and blind specialists .

What looks the best - might not be practical to manufacture - therefore we depend on one another.